Published On: June 4, 2024

Kiddo Green – Three Pearls: Pg16 Warning

A little glimpse behind the scenes.  The following is an excerpt and notes of the scripted pages 14, 15 & 16 from this story.  I wrote out the whole story in long form prose then broke it all up by page and panels and scripted it like a screen play so that it would be easier to grab just the characters' words and paste them into speech balloons.  Not everything makes it into the absolute final page. And some things get put in at the last minute, like for instance, the animal sounds in the trees above Kiddo.  I realized literally at the last second before posting this page that it needed something that I had thought about but had never written down.  Write stuff down people.  You never know what you will forget.  Luckily I remembered in the nick of time. =)x

1. Kiddo exploded out the back door and stumbled to the brick lined pond.

2. Collapsing at the edge.  She caught a glimpse of several small orange shapes and a large gold koi in the water before they blurred into the dark depths.  This made her feel even  worse.  She liked watching the fish in Greatgramma’s pond.
    KIDDO: Go on then! Everyone else is leaving has left me, why not you too. [she cried]

3. KIDDO [sobbed]: She laid her forehead down on her arms and whispered into the cold bricks edging the pond.

4. KIDDO: [With her head in her arms.] I’m all alone. 

5. KIDDO: I’m so mad.

6. KIDDO: It hurts so bad. I can’t breathe. [She pressed her forehead into the bricks and began to sob.  She cried every bad feeling that she had.]  

7. Then, drained of feeling and numb in her heart, she closed her raw, red rimmed eyes and fell asleep.

Kiddo lay sleeping on the bricks at the edge of the pond. [this panel is covered by the full mood page 15]
It was heavily quiet. The garden felt...watchful. 
[large mood panel. Full page. Show kiddo’s ZZZZZZ’s]

1. Kiddo lay sleeping on the bricks at the edge of the pond. [this panel is covered by the full mood page 15]

2. A single small bubble floated to the top of the water and broke the glassy surface with a tiny ‘pop’. 

3. Ever so slowly, a hand emerged from the water 

4. and hovered over Kiddo’s head opening and closing.

5. The trees erupted with a cacophony of chitters and screeches.

6. The water at the edges of the pond began to froth and churn. 

Dun dun DUN! Hee hee. Aren't cliffhangers just the worst? 

P.S. In last weeks update blog post I wrote something that, in hindsight, may not have come across as intended.  I said, "I am about to flush the toilet."  What I meant by this is that shit is about to go down, LOL.  I was trying to keep it PG.  I think PG-13 is probably more my speed anyway. =)x