Published On: April 30, 2024

Kiddo Green-Three Pearls: Pg8 Thank You

Who likes biscuits? [My hand is raised =)x]  My favorite biscuits these days are the kind that come in the cardboard tubes, ready to bake.  I know they aren't the healthiest, but they are the easiest.  I don't have a lot of time these days to be making any home made biscuits.  I'm too busy MAKIN' COMICS BABY! And loving every minute of it!  Please enjoy this weeks double post of pages 8 & 9.  I had to make a full page of biscuits for page 8.  Why, you ask.  Because I like to make mood sketches.  What are mood sketches and what do they have to do with biscuits?  Mood sketches are fast digital drawings that I like to make of scenes from my story that I am especially excited about and I don't want to lose the original feeling that I had when I wrote it.  So I draw a part of the scene and try to recapture that feeling or "mood".  In this scene, I was trying to remember the morning ambient light coming through the window of my great grandmothers dining room window.  The original mood sketch for this was a bit to "artsy" and didn't fit well visually with the comic so I remade it, tuning it a bit more towards a comic look.  If you want to see the first one, please visit my Illustrations gallery.