Published On: July 10, 2024

Kiddo Green – Three Pearls: Pg 23 Oh, crap.

Ray stood watching her for a moment, then burst out,
"Wha -- What?!  What does that mean? Someone took Kiddo?  Who?!  Wha – Why?!  What are you saying Gertrude?!"
Gertrude looked at Ray, her hands still on her face. No words came out. She had stopped breathing.
Panicking, Ray shouted, "GERTRUDE! WHERE IS KIDDO?!"
Gertrude sank down heavily towards the grass and Ray reached out to slow her descent.  Gertrude's face was chalk white and Ray worried she was going to pass out.  
"Don’t pass out on me, Gert," he pleaded.
Gertrude’s eyes rolled up and she passed out.

[Excerpt from Kiddo Green and the Three Pearls Copyright 2024]

You can't stop the inevitable.