Published On: July 2, 2024

Kiddo Green – Three Pearls: Pg 21 Simon Speak!

Gertrude slowly stood and walked over to a particularly thick bush.
“What happened?” She demanded from the bush.
Several distinct chitters emanated from the shaded leaves.
“One at a time!” Gertrude barked. “Simon, speak!”
A very enthusiastic chitter sounded loudly from the bush in the area in front of Gertrude's face.  Dumbfounded, Ray circled behind Gertrude and peeked over her shoulder. In the leaf green shadows of the bush sat a chipmunk, chirping and squeaking, his little arms gesticulating wildly at Gertrude. Ray’s jaw gaped open in astonishment.

[Excerpt from Kiddo Green and the Three Pearls. Copyright 2024 Lisa Burvant]

Ray's jaw gaped. I mean, what would YOU do if you saw a chipmunk waving his little arms at you and squeaking erratically?  I'd probably laugh first, then look around to make sure someone else was seeing this, just to confirm that I had not, in fact, finally lost my marbles.