All About Everyone and Everything


All About Everyone and Everything

If your wish is to know, then follow along.  I will speak to you of these friends.

Lisa Burvant


“I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then.”

~Lewis Carrol, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The Adventures of Kiddo Green

A twelve year old girl, with a new talent, finds herself in one thrilling adventure after another.  She must use skills learned from her loved ones to help her and her friends out of trouble.


a.k.a. Elizabeth Hunter Green

She is afraid, but does it anyway.  She is sad and mad but loves her dad.  She gathers kindness to mend her wound.  She is a friend and needs one to help her smile again.  She has been given the Brumesay and she does not eat fish, anymore. 

Ray Green

Father to Kiddo

Former NAVY Electrican.  Spouse recently was mauled by a raging animal.

Beth Green

Mother of Kiddo.

 NAVY Nurse.  Wife of Ray.  Takes her daughter on a coming of age hiking trip to show her a gift.  She has the Brumesay.  

Gertrude Merriman

a.k.a. Greatgramma

A kind plump woman who is quick of wit and easy smile.  Loving Great Grandmother to Elizabeth Green.  She has the Brumesay.


Prince of the Pond

A large golden Koi fish that lives in Gertrude’s garden pond.  He bravely puts himself into danger to help Kiddo.


The Biggest Fish Kiddo Has Ever Seen

A very large white sturgeon.  She aides Gilbert in his endeavor to help Kiddo.  She does not live in the pond, anymore.


Not a Princess

Not quite leader to the Moldewang, an aquatic species from legend, similar to a grindylow, another aquatic species from legend.  She wants what Kiddo has and has gone to great lengths to take it from her.  Forcibly if needed, and she so much wants it to be needed.


There’s more to Gum

A member of the Moldewang, she is also an outsider.  She is bullied and abused because she is different.  Different people can be scary to ignoramuses.

Okay, Colin

A black bear cub wants his brother’s admiration and puts himself and his loved ones into a precarious situation trying to earn it.   A frightening event leaves him in possession of an object, which if caught, could get him banned from his home or worse.  He has become an aberration and must find a way to rid himself of the forbidden item.


Black Bear Cub

He would like very much to be someone his big brother could admire, and to not have to eat fish.


American Pika

Best friend to Colin.  Startled easily.  Frequently screams at pretty much any strong emotion.  


Mother Bear of Wallace & Colin

A plump mother bear who dotes on her second born while wishing her first born would grow up and move on.


a.k.a. Wallace

Colin’s mean older brother.  Devious and manipulating.  He has an unnatural obsession with his mommy.

Gramma Bear

Grandmother of Wallace & Colin

A sassy old bear who is hard of hearing.  She says what she means whenever and where ever she wants.