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All About Everyone and Everything

If your wish is to know, then follow along.  I will speak to you of these friends.

Kiddo Green and the Three Pearls

Well on the path to shutting herself off from everyone, a grieving young girl with an unusual talent is maniacally kidnapped by sea monsters;
As she fights to free herself she must learn that she is not really alone, before she can battle her demons… figurative and literal.

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a.k.a. Elizabeth Merriman Green

She is afraid, but does it anyway.  She is sad and mad but loves her dad.  She must gather kindness to mend her wound.  She is a loyal friend and needs one to help her smile again.  She has inherited the Brume and she is finding it increasing difficult to eating meat, because you shouldn’t eat your friends.


a.k.a. Greatgramma

A kind plump woman who is quick of wit and easy smile.  Loving Great Grandmother to Elizabeth Green.  She has the Brume and a rich history.




The Biggest Fish Kiddo Has Ever Seen

A very large white sturgeon.  She aides Gilbert in his endeavor to help Kiddo.  She does not live in the pond, anymore, she lives in The Lake.




There’s more to Gum

A member of the Moldaweng, she is an outsider and apprentice mage.  She is bullied and abused because she is different.  Different people can be scary to ignoramuses.


Kiddo’s Dad

NAVY Operations Specialist.  Normally cool under stress,  Kiddo’s adventures tend to challenge this trait.  His wife, Beth, has been keeping something from him.


Kiddo’s Mom

NAVY Nurse.  Wife of Ray.  Beth takes her daughter on a coming of age hiking trip to share with her a mysterious family trait.  She has the Brume.




Prince of the Pond

A large golden Koi fish that lives in Gertrude’s garden pond.  He bravely puts himself into danger to help Kiddo.




Not a Pretty Princess

Not quite leader to the Moldaweng, an aquatic species from legend, similar to a grindylow, another aquatic species from legend.  She wants what Kiddo has and has gone to great lengths to take it from her.  Forcibly if needed, and she so much wants it to be needed.


Black Bear Cub

He would like very much to be someone his big brother could admire, and to not have to eat fish.


Mother of

Wallace & Colin

A plump mother bear who dotes on her second born while wishing her first born would grow up and move on.


American Pika

Best friend to Colin.  Startles easily.  Frequently screams.  Loyal and brave.


a.k.a. Wallace

Colin’s mean older brother.  Devious and manipulating.  He has an unnatural obsession with his mommy and a raging jealousy of Colin’s relationship her.

Okay, Colin

A black bear cub wants his brother’s admiration and puts himself and his loved ones into a precarious situation trying to earn it.   A frightening event leaves him in possession of an object, which if caught, could get him banned from his home or worse.  He has become an aberration and must find a way to rid himself of the forbidden item.

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The Box of Robbers

No one intended to leave Martha all alone in the house that afternoon, but as it turned out, everyone was called away for one reason or another. The DID lock the doors to keep her safe from external danger. 

No one imagined any danger from with-in.

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A curious little girl, left alone to her own mischief.


The naughty bandit in a trio of robbers.


The polite bandit in a trio of robbers.


He likes pie.