The Adventures of Kiddo Green



Adventures of Kiddo Green: The Three Pearls




It was a Dark Night…

It was a dark night. A half wedge of feeble moonlight laid gentle highlights on the leaves of the tree lined street, but did nothing to dispel the greater darkness. Through the open windows of a small house on a corner, a soft golden light spilled out. 

A phone rang from inside.  It was an old fashioned ring, long and loud.  The ring cut off and an old woman’s voice could be heard answering the phone.


It was quiet for a moment.

“OH! Ray, my darling. Yes, I’m so sorry. My heart is broken.”

There was a long silence, interrupted occasionally by the woman’s soft sounds of commiseration.

“YES!,” the woman finally spoke.  “Of course.  I love having her here. She can stay for as long…

There was a short interrupted pause.

“Oh, well, alright. If you need more time, you are both welcome. I love you both so very much.  Okay, drive safe, I will see you soon.”

The woman placed the phone back on the receiver and sat quietly for a bit.  Then she stood up and made her way through the house to the back yard garden. 

The leaves overhead whispered as if the wind was having a quiet conversation.  Standing in the middle of the garden patio in the pale half moonlight the woman cleared her throat and the whispering stopped. 

“Little Elizabeth is coming,” she announced. 

A soft rustling broke out throughout the garden trees.

“She has lost her mother,” the woman continued.

Dead silence greeted her now.

“Our dear Beth is gone.”




This is a shared excerpt from my first book in The Adventures of Kiddo Green series, titled, The Three Pearls. Copyright ©Lisa Burvant 2022. All rights reserved. Please do not copy and repost this excerpt elsewhere; instead share the link to this blog post. Thank you.